5 Tips: How to Raise a Child who Understands Compassion

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Is it really possible to instill compassion in your kid? Nothing will truly delight every parent than to know that their children are not only developing physically, but also morally upright. Compassion is an important moral value that every parent should instill in their child. Nurturing values in children is like planting. You straighten every bend and curve while they’re still saplings, so they can develop straight trunks and become sturdy trees later on.

As a Childcare Center in Irvine, California, we have seen the every potential of children. We know that with the right nurturing and learning environment, they can develop compassion. Whether they’re at home or in a Day Care in Irvine, they will always have a way to understand and practice compassion, with your guidance, of course.

The following principles have been significant contributions for parents to influence their kid to become compassionate:

  1. Be a model
    Every parent’s example in the family will remain inculcated in a child’s subconscious mind. Both the good and the bad actions do. However, you can choose to strive to be a model of good behavior and right values. Be a compassionate parent to your own child, especially when they commit mistakes. This way, they will have a foretaste of how it is to receive compassion and will learn to share it with others.
  2. Watch what they watch
    The entertainment your kids watch, either on TV or in the Internet, can also provide passive information in their knowledge bank. Be aware of what they’re watching to ensure they’re looking at positive and value-laden shows.
  3. Get them involved
    It’s also a practical help to involve your kids in activities that enable them to be compassionate towards others. You can tap their help about donating their toys or pre-loved clothes to less-fortunate children in other parts of the globe. These little involvements can go a long way in helping your child be aware that compassion is a joy-giver.
  4. Talk to them about compassion
    Your teaching with words can also influence them towards the bright side of compassion. When you remind them every day and in significant moments that they should learn to feel how others feel, they will bring this instruction into adulthood. Be their voice of conscience.
  5. Sponsor a child
    You can also teach compassion to your kid when you sponsor a child together. Many legitimate non-for-profit organizations offer sponsorship to less-privileged kids from other countries. Being their sponsor can help your child see that someone’s life can always be made better with compassion.

At Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc., we believe that you have it in you to build up your kid towards a better version of themselves. Along with our Preschool Programs in Irvine, we can work together towards the better future of your tot. You can trust us to provide the quality learning environment your child deserves.

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