Signs Your Toddler-To-Be Is Ready for Potty Training

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Having a child at home is an everyday adventure. Would you agree to this, parents? Even in our Childcare Center in Irvine, California, we know the excitement of being with kids daily. There’s always something new to be learned and be excited about. Parents look out for their kids’ milestones not only to celebrate them but also to remind themselves that their kids are growing healthily.

For parents with young children, one of the milestones they must be looking forward to is “potty training”. Potty Training is the process of teaching your kids to finally take care of themselves in the bathroom. But the real keyword here is TRAINING. That’s right. While this is something every child can normally breeze through, they still need training on how to do it properly.

The age for potty training usually comes around 2-3 years. Tots at this age are already exploring and enjoying their independence. They would want to do things on their own, at home, in a Day Care in Irvine, or anywhere they are. With your guidance, they can also breeze through that phase smoothly. So when do you exactly know that your toddler is ready to be potty-trained? While there’s no exact time frame for the event, there are signs that can tell you if it’s high time to potty-train your little one. The three topmost of these signs include:

  1. Ability to pronounce “pee” or “poop”
    It’s a high factor that your kid is already able to form words about doing the pee or poop; otherwise, you will not have a clearer way of understanding what they want to happen. Your kid doesn’t have to be able to speak the words perfectly. They only have to be able to express their situation in an intelligible way.
  2. Shows discomfort with wet diapers
    Since diapers are designed to absorb wetness, most babies don’t really get affected with wetness. But the older your kid gets, the more they become aware of these situations. They will come to a point when they feel uncomfortable about having peed on their diaper. This is one of your signs that they’re old enough to distinguish between when peeing exactly happened and when it’s not happening.
  3. Can follow simple instructions
    When your child is able to follow simple instructions, you can already train them. You can instruct them about warning you when they feel they’re about to go. You can tell them about using their own toilet which they can use when they need to relieve themselves.

As your partners in child-rearing education, we see to it that your tot is able to make the most of our Preschool Program in Irvine. Potty-training is just one of the skills and activities we believe is essential in building up quality learning experiences at Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc. Feel free to inquire about our services and other programs.

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