Tips in Keeping Your Toddlers Busy and Happy

kids playing with toys

As cute and adorable as they are, you have to admit, toddlers can be quite a handful. They have a seemingly-insatiable curiosity about the world around them. They are also full of boundless energy— so much that even making them take a nap is hard to do. There are, however, ways and activities in effectively keeping these little tots busy and entertained, while still being safe. These tips are especially useful when you have to do other things around the house and you are not able to spend all your time watching over your kid. If you follow these, you may even realize that although it is a bit tiring, taking care of toddlers can actually be fun:

  • Play Pen or Kid Corner
    Create a makeshift playpen to prevent your toddler from making a mess, hurting themselves from moving around the house, or even breaking and destroying your household items. You can buy playpen fences or create a Do-It-Yourself fencing around a certain safe corner of the house where you can easily monitor your little kid. Cover the ground in the area with rubber, and put in toys for your little ones to play.
  • Building Blocks and Shape Sorters
    Wooden building blocks are perfect for toddlers as they are durable, safe, and conducive for learning. These blocks can be stacked to create numerous forms, allowing your child’s imagination to go wild. Shape sorter toys are also perfect for keeping your little ones busy, while also allowing them to familiarize themselves with the basic shapes through play. You can even make your own shape sorter using big oatmeal containers and foam shapes!
  • Coloring and Drawing
    Coloring and drawing activities are fun, time-consuming, and good early training for toddlers. To make sure that your toddler doesn’t write on walls or your furniture, though, you can spread huge pieces of paper—or even tape together used, printed paper with a clean side—on your toddler’s play area or a small table. You can then pour in big, non-toxic, and washable coloring materials and let your little one create their own art.

The way to properly handling toddlers at home is actually just to incorporate play and games with a number of activities; this way, even learning will seem fun to them. Of course, it isn’t all the time that you can be at home with your little one, so if you’re looking for a day care in Irvine that will give the safe, loving, and fun care and nurturing your child needs, then look no further than Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc.

We are a childcare center in Irvine, California you can trust that will not only look after your little one while you are away, but we will also help your child with their overall holistic growth and development. With a carefully-designed preschool program in Irvine, quality toddler care, and a safe and loving environment, we ensure that your children get the experience they will enjoy.

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