Ways to Build Your Child’s Social Skills


Social skills help children form positive relationships, foster conversations, develop body language, and connect with others. But watching your child struggle in social settings and making friends can be frustrating. There are simple steps you can follow to ensure they can improve their social skills. Read more below. 

  • Understand their interests.
    When your child is doing something they are interested in, like playing sports or learning a new instrument, find opportunities to help them build their social skills. Let them know that you are for them whether they start in a preschool program or at home. It will encourage them to do more and go out into the world.
  • Ask them questions.
    According to the Center for Development and Learning, children can initiate and carry on positive conversations with others in several ways. How? Let them ask questions, especially when at day care in Irvine. They have several opportunities to connect with others and improve their skills by asking and answering questions that can’t be answered by yes or no.
  • Encourage empathy.
    Connecting with others starts with empathy. Kids enrolled in a weekend daycare in Irvine can develop active listening, whether from their teachers or classmates. Active listening allows them to connect and share the feelings of others and foster a deep connection that builds their social skills.

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