Fun Activities That Improve Gross Motor Skills


As your child grows, their gross motor skills become essential. Gross motor skills are the abilities needed to control the muscles, especially for walking, running, bike riding, and other activities. So, how can these activities help them? Learn more below.

  • Hiking
    Do the activities at day care in Irvine include hiking, climbing a hill, or hiking a rocky path? These activities help to improve balance and increase muscle tone. Spending time hiking and exploring nature increases physical strength and endurance and offer an opportunity for sensory skills.
  • Swinging
    Swinging is good for physical, social, and cognitive development. Gross motor skills are involved in this activity which includes balance and coordination. Do your kids want to spend their free time swinging in weekend daycare in Irvine? Let them be! It’s an activity that’s good for their tiny bodies.
  • Dancing
    Dancing allows children to have fun, move freely, and enhance gross motor skill development. Besides building endurance, it’s also a great way to stimulate the brain. Do your kids love to dance at after hours childcare? Give them the floor!

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