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Ways to Support Your Child’s Motor Skills


While we advocate for keeping only a level of control when it comes to child growth and development such as making time for free play along with supervised play, there are certain areas that are better with parental direction. For instance, when honing their motor skills.

Motor skills refer to the ability to use muscles effectively, moving and coordinating them so as to create action and movements from as precise as using a fork (fine motor skill) to doing bigger movements such as walking and jumping (gross motor skill).

Honing such skills is a necessity in children and is one of the main priorities in our preschool program at our day care in Irvine.

Thus, as a childcare center in Irvine, California ourselves at Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc., let us list down some tried and tested ways we have been able to support motor skills among our students:

  1. Let them explore their tactile senses by playing putty and play dough
  2. Solve puzzles together
  3. Build things using blocks and Lego
  4. Help them with using scissors
  5. Do some sand play
  6. Encourage them to draw, color, and paint

Don’t have time for motor skill-focused play during weekends because of work or other prior engagements? Don’t worry! We also offer weekend daycare in Irvine to make sure that learning and development continue.

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