Ways to Pick the Right Book for Your Child

mother showing book to daughter

Finding the right story attracts children to read. Encouraging children to read means you need to have tools at disposal as they may want to choose books entirely by themselves. However, it’s always good to have a list of books in your mind to recommend whenever they ask for help. They might be picking books that do not stick with your criteria, such as merely being drawn to the cover. Anyways, when they feel like reading, a Childcare Center in Irvine, California has books they can choose from. Here are ways to know which books to pick for your children:

  • Determine their reading level
    Especially for younger children, they must have books close to their reading level available to them. Schools such as an after hours childcare have different tools to measure reading levels. You can ask the teacher so you can encourage the right level of books at home. While this may sound limiting, this can prevent children from feeling frustrated when a book is too hard for them.
  • Quality
    Not all children’s books are created equal. Make sure to check the editorial reviews and if they’re award-winning books. Editorial reviews are listed on Amazon and often at the catalog in the public library.
  • Appropriateness
    This can also be seen at the editorial reviews as they usually include a recommended age/grade level. Just because the book is on the right reading level, it may contain content that could be hard for a child to process.

Reading is a crucial part of the preschool program at Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc. At home or school, we encourage children to love reading in every way.

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