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How Reading Can Teach Children Empathy

How Reading Can Teach Children Empathy

Nothing is as fulfilling than seeing children with their noses on a book and losing themselves in the world of their favorite fictional character. A Childcare Center in Irvine, California believes that reading benefits children beyond literacy. Stories have the power to help children understand and handle other peoples’ feelings, as well as their own.

Reading fiction at a Day Care in Irvine provides excellent training for young people to develop and practice their empathy and theory in mind. That is, they are able to understand how other people feel and think. It is mainly because fiction tricks their brains into believing that they are a part of the story. The empathy that they feel for characters wires brains to have the same sensitivity toward people. A study at Carnegie Mellon University discovers that when anyone loses themselves in a book, their brain lives through the characters at a neurological level.

Just as intelligence quotient is important, being emotionally smart is also deemed essential in a weekend daycare in Irvine. Empathy is increasingly recognized as a core life skill and the foundation for sound relationships and classroom atmosphere.

Help your children pick the right story that they can read at a 24-Hour childcare such as Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc.

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