The Good Your Kids Get from Playing in the Dirt

kid playing in sandbox

Children, at some point in their lives, can get fascinated with playing in the dirt. They can literally spend hours playing in the brown earth, making dirt cakes and mud pies without limits. For outsiders’ point of view, it may sound nasty but a Childcare Center in Irvine, California sees beyond their soiled hands.

Early exposure to naturally occurring microbes in soil strengthens the children’s immune system and allows them to spend more time in nature than screens. Aside from it boosting their health, kids who play outside are happier! That is why Preschool Program is set not only in classrooms but in the playground as well.

A Day Care in Irvine provides an avenue for kids to play outside and develop their characters in the process. Allowing themselves to fall into the mud makes them more adventurous, self-motivated, and more proficient to understand and assess risk.

After hours childcare gives kids a bucket and shovel, set them in the playground, and let them play as much as possible in the dirt or anything else with their safety as an inherent priority.

Busy parents can choose to enroll their children in a weekend daycare in Irvine so their developmental milestones are continually met. No matter their work schedules, they can be sure that their kids are learning, having fun, and are safe at all times.

Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc. is a 24-Hour childcare that balances academics and fun. Enroll with us today!

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