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Simple Ways to Teach a Preschooler to Write

Simple Ways to Teach a Preschooler to Write

Indeed, preschoolers can learn to write. As a major part of communication, writing is also a key learning experience in our Childcare Center in Irvine, California. We also know that you can supplement this experience at home.

To achieve that, here are some tips for you to help your child learn how to write.

  • Lines and Curves

    When your children start learning to recognize the letters, this can be a sign that they are ready to learn how to write. It is usually around four years old that children can grip pencils with firmness. When they do, you can already let them trace broken lines and curves to help them start to write.

  • Arts and Coloring

    In our Preschool Programs, we integrate children into many activities including arts. We know these are important activities to strengthen their fine motor skills. If they have more opportunity to grip crayons or other coloring materials, their fine motors improve.

  • Practice with Broken Crayon

    To help strengthen children’s grip, let them hold broken crayons to color something. This way, their finger strength can develop. They will need this strength to help them hold pencils firmer. As a result, they can learn to write better with more legibility.

  • Use Clay Dough

    You can also make use of clay dough to create letters. This can give children a visual idea that letters can be created from nothing into something. This will motivate them to start learning to form letters.

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