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How to Choose the Right Books for Your Children

How to Choose the Right Books for Your Children

As a Childcare Center in Irvine, California, we know the great value of books in a child’s learning and development. So here are helpful tips for you to consider when choosing books for your little one. This way, you can also promote adventure-filled learning at home by reading books.

  • Consider their Age

    Children have particular interests at certain ages. At around 2-3 years, they will enjoy books filled with pictures, big prints, and lots of rhymes in phrases. Meanwhile, preschoolers prefer those books that already have paragraphs and contain stories.

  • Consider their Interest

    Even as children, they will already have different interests in life. This is a common observation among children in our Day Care in Irvine. So, if your child is interested in learning about dinosaurs, get them books in that subject. Watch your little ones flip through the pages and soak up all the knowledge on something they are interested in.

  • Consider the Authors

    It is also important to select children’s books from authors that you know or have good references of. This can help you ensure that you’re getting great reading materials for your children. Learning about the author is also a principle we follow in selecting books for our weekend daycare in Irvine.

  • Consider Real Events

    Select books that reflect the real experiences of a child. These are the books that have images of toddlers or children playing in the park or eating their breakfast. In our Preschool Programs, we ensure that our books contain pictures that reflect cheerful events during childhood.

  • Consider their Choice

    To continue promoting their love for learning, encourage your child to choose the books they want to read. With your supervision, your child can pick a book from the store. It’s also a great way to teach them to care for the book they chose. One way or another, a child can feel more responsible for the things that he or she selected from the store.

When it comes to your child’s overall learning, our team at Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc. can help you achieve that. If you’re interested in our other programs, including our 24-Hour childcare, ask us.

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