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Your Children Are In the Finest of Hands with Us


There are a number of childcare center in Irvine, California, and selecting one that will assist you in caring for your child is essential. Effective ones will have a significant impact on your child’s growth and help them reach their full potential. Should you want to enroll your child in a reliable childcare facility, Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc. will be the place to go!

We take pride in our day care in Irvine as we make sure that your child’s development is one of our priorities. They won’t just uncover their talents, but they will also be led by the appropriate individuals. We only hire the most qualified people to work with your child while they learn things that will benefit their progress.

It is not only our mission to look after your little ones. We also want to assist parents in completing tasks without having to worry about who will look after their children. That is why we provide weekend daycare in Irvine so that you can get some work done while your children are being cared by someone you can trust. In this way, you can attend to your other responsibilities not having to be bothered about your child’s safety.

Our program also includes after hours childcare. This is designed specifically for parents or guardians who work shifts that aren’t consistent. You don’t have to be concerned now that you’re aware of our great offerings. We primarily focus on your child’s education and the convenience of you as a parent. If you require any of our services or wish to enroll your child, please contact us at any time. Know that putting your confidence in us means your child is in the finest of hands.

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