The Value of Self-Regulation: How to Teach It Early

The Value of Self-Regulation: How to Teach It Early

As a provider of after hours childcare, it is normal for us to see kids act out due to frustration, anxiety, and more.

But as your child grows, they also ought to learn how to manage their feelings on their own. It is our job as parents and care providers in our preschool program to equip kids with the tools they need to be more emotionally intelligent. This is where self-regulation comes in.

According to the Child Mind Institute, self-regulation refers to the ability to manage situations in a proactive, productive way. This includes staying calm despite negative emotions and handling frustration well. At our childcare center in Irvine, California, we at Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc., encourage you to teach it as early as you can to your kids as it will guide them throughout their growth.

Here are some ways you can teach it:

  • Don’t shy away from hard situations.
    Keeping kids away from things that challenge them does them no favors. Coach them and guide them instead into making the choices that will lead them out of hard things.
  • Scaffold behaviors you want to encourage.
    Don’t hover; let them have their space and time first, point out what they can do to solve them, and then praise any noteworthy behaviors they do.
  • Do practice runs.
    Have your kids practice things like keeping their hands to themselves, waiting their turn, and so forth as often as you can. Remember to praise them for their little successes.
  • Encourage self-reflection.
    Approaching negative behaviors calmly teaches your child that being proactive does more to lead them out of problems. So don’t resort to shouting and name-calling; point out what went wrong and teach them how to fix them.

These are some of the things we can share about the topic as your partner in day care in Irvine.

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