Learning About Conceptual and Cognitive Development

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A child’s knowledge is composed of schema, basic knowledge used to organize past experiences and serves as a foundation for understanding new ones. This refers to assimilation which is the process of taking in new information and incorporating it into an existing schema. Children assimilate new experiences by relating them to things they already know. On the other hand, when a schema changes to accommodate new knowledge, this is called accommodation. Cognitive development happens when there is a balance of both to attain equal deliberation and this is very important in the early education development of child care in a Day Care in Irvine.

Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc. offers an appropriate program developed to cater to a child’s required early education needs. Our dedicated educators and teachers from our Childcare Center in Irvine, California are ready to deliver activities and programs, providing your children with a quality learning experience that helps to unlock their potential at an early age and to foster a learning environment that helps to develop their cognitive and conceptual development, laying a foundation for them to gain future experiences well.

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