Grow Together With Music, Song, And Dance

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Music does wonders to everyone. It can heal and soothe our inner beings by relaxing our weary minds and exhausted souls. The presence of music in countless aspects of our lives has influenced how families share moments together from generation to generation. It has the power to bring us into a state of release where we can express ourselves and share our emotions through songs of harmony.

Music also has a special element that boosts the cognitive development of children in their early years. It gears them up to be ready for school since it develops different learning qualities in them. It also helps shape their social and emotional strengths through activities that are shared together as a family.

Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc. understands the growing and developmental needs of little children and has made our programs suited for their learning. Giving importance to music, we make learning and socializing more fun at our Childcare Center in Irvine, California.

  • Music Develops Motor Skills
    Children naturally like to dance and move around because of their high energy levels. We maximize this by infusing music in learning so they can actively use their energy in learning how to balance themselves further and practice hand-eye coordination when games are on the day’s activity for our Preschool Program in Irvine. They will also learn how to become faster as they are challenged to finish activities like picking up their things and putting it back in the racks.
  • Music Develops Memory Skills
    Music helps children focus since it stimulates the energy in us based on the music we hear. Cheerful music wakes us up while calm music lets us relax and focus on what we need to do. Having music in educational programs make it easier for kids to grasp information when what they are learning is played with a melody. Younger children like to sing and they have no qualms about the quality of their voice. They just love to hear different sounds, especially when they are the ones making them through songs. As parents, you can cheer them on by always being supportive of their new musical creations.
  • Music Develops Self-Expression
    Music as an art form is a way famous artists express themselves. This also helps children strengthen their characters when they express themselves through music and movement. Children are very emotionally aware, but most of the time, they do not know how to express themselves. But with music, they can guide you through their emotions and tell you when they are happy or sad.

Enjoy spending time with your children, and always encourage them to learn in different ways with the help of music. It not only develops their brains and bodies. It also strengthens your connection with them as a family.

Supplement their love for music and let them discover fun in learning through music, singing, and dancing at Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc.

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