Fun Makes Learning More Efficient


Learning is crucial to a child’s development. Aside from it is a reliable means of knowledge acquisition, learning also enables the imagination to soar and develop, therefore, enabling the creation of new ideas and paving the way for innovation. And no, learning does not have to be a bore.

Studies show that when learning is associated with fun and excitement, it helps students retain more information. Fun and enjoyable activities, along with lessons, also make learning more efficient! This is why a childcare center In Irvine, California, sees to it that children have fun while they are inside its facilities.

If you wish to maximize your child’s learning stages and brain development, enroll them at Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc., a weekend daycare in Irvine.

Here, we offer a wide array of preschool programs designed to nurture minds and hone skills and potential. We are also a firm believer in the most efficient way to learn, which is to explore and have fun, which is why we see to it that every session with us is filled with fun yet intellectually-stimulating activities! We also take pride in our child-friendly facilities, so rest assured that your child is in capable hands.

Let your child have fun while learning at the same time with the trusted day care in Irvine!

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