Can Kids Benefit from Yoga? Here’s Why We Offer It


At our childcare center in Irvine, California, we offer a variety of programs designed to build your kid’s mental, physical, and social faculties.

You might ask, “But isn’t yoga only suited for adults?” Experts point out that the stretches and poses done in yoga can be tailored to children’s capabilities. This means even your kids can enjoy the benefits of yoga in our preschool program.

What are these benefits, exactly? As your trusted partner in day care in Irvine, Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc., we would like to share some of them to show why yoga can be helpful for your child.

  • It builds flexibility.
    Yoga poses target key muscle groups that children need to move properly as they develop. Whether it’s sitting, standing, or lying down, they get to test out their muscles and build their kinesthetic awareness.
  • It enhances balance and coordination.
    These are key skills kids need to successfully engage in physical activity, including fine motor skills which will be useful in adult life. Yoga also builds mental balance, which teaches your child to stay calm and patient when doing tasks.
  • Focus is emphasized.
    Another useful thing yoga teaches is focus. Exercising their ability to concentrate, can help kids perform better academically as some studies show.
  • It builds the mind-body connection.
    Yoga puts “a sound mind in a sound body” in much clearer terms. Not only does it engage your child physically, but it also helps them find greater appreciation in themselves, giving them a healthier view of their whole being.

If you are still not convinced about the value of children’s yoga as an after hours childcare activity, you can always give us a call and see for yourself.

For quality weekend daycare in Irvine, choose us!

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