5 Creative Indoor Activities for Your Toddlers

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Playtime is one of the best times to bond with your little tyke. With a little bit of creativity, you and your child can engage in wonderful indoor games that are not only fun but educational as well.

Toddlers are just a burst of energy and you can never seem to get them to stay put. For this reason, a list of indoor activities would be really great to have. You can count on reputable childcare centers like Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc. to have such a list on hand for handling these situations. After all, it’s not uncommon for little tykes to get antsy and raring to have some fun even when they are unable to do so outdoors.

The following activities are easy to engage in. They involve simple set-ups and make use of materials you may already have at home since they are pretty common.

  • Time for some cardboard box fun! Bring out the cardboard boxes and create, create, create! Let your kids use their imaginations to create trains, cars, castles, airplanes, homes, and all kinds of structures to their liking.
  • Let it rip! Using a tape and large craft paper, cover up the entire outside surface of a door and let your kids throw wet cotton balls or newspapers at it. There’s nothing like such an activity to enhance their motor skills while indoors. Oh, and the mess would totally be worth it when you see your precious angels enjoying themselves.
  • Indoor bowling! Your kids are bound to have toy balls, so it’s time to use them for another exciting indoor activity that will have the whole family laughing and having fun. You can use a variety of home items as pins but just make sure they aren’t breakable. Plastic bottles, paper towel tubes, toilet paper, and a bunch of other stuff would work for these as well.
  • Newspaper throwing! Gather up some old newspapers and let your kids have a blast throwing them. You can use several items for target practice too! This would be another great way for your children to practice their motor skills.
  • The magic of shaving cream! This is an awesome sensory activity that your kids would truly love. You can just squirt some in a container, even mix in some food coloring, and just let your toddlers have fun, letting them feel the sensation of the cream on their hands. They can also create art with this stuff as well! You can opt to put them in old clothes because these activities can get messy.

You and your kids will surely have a ball with these fun and creative indoor activities to do at home.

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