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Tips to Baby Proof Your House (First-Time Parents)

Tips to Baby Proof Your House (First-Time Parents)

Baby proofing your homes can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you’re a first-time parent. The good news is, we at Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc., a certified Childcare Center in Irvine, California, have come up with a list of tips first-time parents can use to baby proof their homes for their little ones.

  • Be familiar with your heater settings.

    To keep your curious little ones safe, make sure your hot-water heater is set to less that 120 degrees. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the majority of injuries and deaths from tap-water scalds involve the elderly and children under the age of five.

  • Keep all bathrooms closed or locked at all times.

    Babies and toddlers are drawn to playing in the toilet and to opening bathroom cabinets that may contain harmful chemicals and medication. According to a survey conducted by the CPSC, nearly 90 children drown inside American homes every year.

  • Keep your baby’s crib safe.

    Be aware of the appropriate crib-rail height for your baby’s age. Avoid placing objects such as toys, pillows, and blankets inside the crib with your child, as these can become safety hazards for your baby.

  • Keep an eye out for heavy objects around your home.

    According to Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit organization that works to stop preventable injuries in infants and children, a child dies every three weeks from a television tipping over.

Moreover, when you’re off busy at work, you need to make sure to only entrust your child to a reliable Day Care in Irvine. If you need any help, we offer both a exceptional Preschool Program and weekend daycare in Irvine.

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