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Tips: Teaching Children to Appreciate What They Have

Tips: Teaching Children to Appreciate What They Have

Gratitude is an essential element of personal development that we as parents should have a great calling to teach to our children. But can we really pass this important virtue to our little ones? If so, how?

As your trusted Childcare Center in Irvine, California, we are one with you in pursuing the overall development of your child. After all, a well-rounded child is not only physically strong and intellectually adept, but also virtuous and relatable.

Hence, here are our recommendations to build up an appreciative child starting at home:

  • Be intentional in pointing out the little items in life that you experience together. For instance, you can tell them it is a privilege to be able to eat three times a day. It is very fortunate that they can study and learn Preschool Programs very early in life.
  • Provide an opportunity where your child can be the one to give. As parents, we always want our children to receive the best things in life. However, when they are at the giving end, especially to other people in need, they will learn to see the essence of what they have.
  • Allow them to do some little work wherein they can earn their own money. For instance, if they are attending a weekend daycare in Irvine, they can meet other children whom they can work with to start up a lemonade stand. They can set up their stall outside your home and, with your support, learn how to value earnings.
  • Assign them with age-appropriate chores at home. Establish an agreement where if they are able to accomplish their tasks excellently, they will be rewarded. This is your way of showing them that when they work their best, they can always reap rewards in the end. In return, they will learn how to appreciate how hard you work for the family.

It is always our intent at Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc. that your child grows up to be a humble, respectful, and appreciative person.

If you need assistance, we offer 24-Hour childcare. Just feel free to contact us for inquiries.

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