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Learning About Conceptual and Cognitive Development

A child’s knowledge is composed of schema, basic knowledge used to organize past experiences and serves as a foundation for understanding new ones. This refers to assimilation which is the process of taking in new information and incorporating it into an existing schema. Children assimilate new experiences by relating them to things they already know. … Continue reading

The Importance of Everyday Living Skills

We are all aware that a child’s development is at its peak at a young age between 2 to 6 years and the lessons we instill in them is crucial as it can impact the foundation of their growth and learning akin to constructing a building where the foundation is the most important part of … Continue reading

A Safe Haven for Children to Develop and Flourish

Choosing the most dependable childcare center in Irvine, California will be a great help for your child. This will be their second home. Therefore, selecting an effective provider is more important than ever. Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc. can be trusted with this. We are a licensed home day care in Irvine that specializes in … Continue reading

Fun-Filled Activities to Keep Kids Learning During Summer Break

As students set out on summer adventures, many parents scramble to find meaningful activities that provide their kids with an enriching summer experience. Just because your child’s preschool program is out for summer break, doesn’t mean the learning has to end. As a reputable day care in Irvine, we will share fun summer activities to … Continue reading