Making a Game out of Household Chores

happy mother and daughter doing laundry

Chores and fun just sometimes don’t get along. But just how do you teach household chores to kids when they’re hardwired to fun? Childcare Center in Irvine, California reveals wonderful tips in turning chores to games:

  • Pretend Play
    Make stories like dust creatures invading the earth and your kiddo is the Captain to save the day by capturing them by broom or vacuum. A Day Care in Irvine initiates this game with kids. See how excited they can get!
  • Go-Fish
    This is a game of matching clean socks, teaching children to sort out socks in the process. When finished, the player with the most pairs wins. Speaking of matching colors and sizes, all the more that children learn when they’re at a weekend daycare in Irvine.
  • Tasks and Stickers
    This is similar to a Preschool Program way of reinforcement. Post individual lists of tasks for each one of your children. Once they accomplish a task, they mark it with a sticker. Whoever has the most stickers at the end of the week, gets a reward.
  • Scavenger Hunt
    List everyday items, set a timer for a few minutes, then get the children to collect those stray items around the house. The winner is the one who picked up the most and returned them to their rightful spots. If there’s a better place to teach them organizing skills, you could not go wrong with enrolling your kids at an After hours childcare.

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