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Key Milestones to Watch in Your 3-Year Old

Key Milestones to Watch in Your 3-Year Old

Are you ready to welcome your child to their stage of “Terrific Three”? Be ready to witness exciting milestones to monitor their overall development. As a Childcare Center in Irvine, California, we will be here to support you in building up your child’s potentials.

Here are important milestones to watch out for:


    Your child’s movements get stronger every day. At this age, they are now able to stand on one leg for five seconds, kick or throw a ball forward, and be able to move forward and backward very quickly. In our center for Day Care in Irvine, we provide activities and programs that can enhance your three-year old’s mobility.


    At three, your child also gains more strength in holding and grasping things. They are now able to cut with scissors, draw human sticks, hold pencils, and able to copy letters on their own sheets. When your child is enrolled in our weekend daycare in Irvine, they are provided with activities that can develop their fine motor skills even more.


    Your three-year-old is also able to correctly identify colors, count things correctly, understand the concept of morning and evening, and be able to participate in imaginative play.


    At three, your child can now speak about five-word sentences at a time. When they talk with other children attending a Preschool Program, they are more sensible and accurate with their terms.


    When they become three years old, they learn to cooperate and play with other children. They can feel how their parents feel and are able to select their own clothes. They will also tend to engage with fantasy experiences, so they can’t differentiate between what fantasy and what reality is.

With our programs in our After hours childcare, we back you up in honing your child’s overall development. At Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc., your child will have the opportunity to enjoy growing and learning with other children their age.

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