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Fun-Filled Activities to Keep Kids Learning During Summer Break


As students set out on summer adventures, many parents scramble to find meaningful activities that provide their kids with an enriching summer experience. Just because your child’s preschool program is out for summer break, doesn’t mean the learning has to end. As a reputable day care in Irvine, we will share fun summer activities to keep your kids engaged during summer break:

  • Plan a Puppet Theater
    Use materials found in your home to plan a puppet theater. Let your kids choose a topic they are interested in, and create a short script together. Use materials like old socks or dish towels and buttons to create puppets. Acting out the script and characters will help ignite their imagination and improve their communication skills.
  • Go on a Word Hunt
    Create a word list and write down each word on a sticky note. Hide each sticky note in different places in the house; they will then use the word list to search for as many words as they can find. Each time they find a word, ask them to read it aloud. This helps build both their reading and counting skills.
  • Prepare Simple Snacks
    Prepare their favorite summer snacks together or follow an age-appropriate baking recipe. Let your kids measure different ingredients and stick to the recipe’s instructions. This will help develop their math skills and their ability to read, understand, and follow instructions.

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