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5 Tips in Raising Compassionate Children

5 Tips in Raising Compassionate Children

Your bundles of joy came into this world without knowing anything. They do not know how to walk, talk or eat. How will they know different values and virtues after birth?

While our Day Care in Irvine can help support their overall development, children will always have their parents as their first teachers. As a parent, it is your duty to teach your little ones to be compassionate.

The 5 tips below are some of the things you can turn to when teaching compassion to your youngsters.

  1. Believe in your little ones’ capabilities.

    Believe that your toddlers are capable of being compassionate. When you believe that they have such capability, they tend to do their best to live up to such expectations. Otherwise, your own children will believe that they are up to no good.

  2. Treat your children with respect.

    Respect is crucial at any age. Respect your children even at their young age. For instance, if they are attending a Childcare Center in Irvine, California, and you have come to pick them up, do not just snatch them away. Inform them of what is to come so they can prepare themselves and their playmates about the situation.

  3. Point out compassion or lack of it in various situations.

    There are numerous occasions where compassion, or lack thereof, is in full display. Point out situations where they can see a police officer helping an elderly cross the street or another individual feeding a stray cat. Explain what the situations are all about. These events will help your little ones visualize the concept of compassion.

    At the same time, make sure to correct your youngsters if they fail to show compassion in given situations. For instance, let them know that it is not good to laugh at someone whose clothes got wet when a car hits a puddle and splashed muddy water on them.

  4. Be aware of the media.

    You have to watch out for the messages that your young ones get all throughout their exposure to the media. Remember, they often tend to mimic what they see and hear on TV or the Internet.

  5. Be a positive model.

    Since you are their first teacher, you have to model positive and compassionate behavior to your children. For them to be kind, you should be kind, too.

A Preschool Program in Irvine can help in the overall development of your young ones. If you are looking to take advantage of day care services, do not hesitate to enroll your toddlers at Little Leaderz Day Care, Inc. Call us for inquiries.

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